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We believe worship is a 24/7 lifestyle. 

We believe that each of our entire lives belong to God and the way that we "spend" it is our act of worship.

So, outside of the weekly Worship Gathering we worship by Fellowship, Prayer, Bible Study, Silence, Solitude, Service and many other private and corporate activities.

During our Worship Gathering we...


Worship by Playing Instruents ~ The Worship Band uses the talents God has given them to create worship music that leads the congregation in celebratory praise and relational intimacy with God.

Worship by Singing ~ The Worship Team Vocalists lead the congregation in worshipping by singing.

Worship by Painting ~ Each week someone steps up to the canvas to worship through painting/drawing during the gathering. 

Worship by Praying ~ As we talk and listen to our Heavenly Father, as we lift up one anther in intercessory prayer and as we gather together to pray, we are worshipping.


Worship by Partaking in Communion ~ Each week we have communion available for individuals to partake of on their own or with a friend.  Once a month the entire group worships by taking communion together. 

Worship by Sharing our Stories ~ We often share the microphone so people may tell their stories.

Worship by Reading and Discussing the Bible ~ We weekly read passages from the Bible and discuss their context, implication and application. 

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