The Team

Who We Are

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Founder & CEO

We live,

love and lead

all throughout the week

and then

We gather on Sunday mornings

at 11:00am

for congregational worship,


scripture reading,

transformational messages,

experiential learning,

sharing and fellowship.  

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Tech Lead

We also gather 

to study the Bible together:  

- 9:00am on Saturdays studying the book of Deuteronomy

- 7:00pm on Wednesdays for a Discussion Group studying Proverbs

- 10:30am on Thursdays Women's Bible Study going through Acts 

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We also gather together

as a group to

live, love and lead

in our community of Lemon Grove

These are opportunities to LOVE and CARE for our neighbors and might look like a FREE Yard Sale, a FREE Thanksgiving Meal in November, Neighborhood Camps and more.

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Product Manager

We are a family who loves

meeting new people and

serving our community.  

We hope to meet you soon!


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