The Church never closed

because the Church is not the building or the services.

We are the Church!

Cornerstone is currently offering its 'gatherings' on Zoom:

  • Worship Gatherings on Zoom every Sat. at 11:00am

  • Discussion Group (going thru the book of James) on Zoom every Wed. at 6:30pm

  • Bible Study Cafe on Zoom every Thu. at 11:00am. 
    (See instructions for joining below.)

We are prayerfully & carefully making a plan concerning how to begin meeting again in person.

  • Love & concern for our members compelled us stop meeting in person on 3/14

  • We have been connecting with members on Zoom & by phone

  • We have sent out a survey to members regarding meeting in person

  • We are hosting a Town Hall meeting on Zoom 6/13 to discuss meeting in person

  • Our denomination, Grace Communion International, has asked us to abide by our state's guidelines & recommendations and then add 2 weeks before returning.  Additionally, we have to submit a plan to our Regional Pastor before returning to meeting in person so that we have a solid plan for protecting the people in our congregations.

  • Stay tuned for more updates...

Meeting on Zoom is a GREAT way to safely CONNECT with people "face to face."  

This is the link to connect:

Message us to get the password.


  1. Join as an active participant with your computer/phone camera & microphone
    -->Email us for the password.
    -->Click the link above on a laptop/tablet or phone that has a camera & microphone. and follow the instructions that allowing Zoom to use your camera & mic.

  2. Join in realtime but WITHOUT being seen or heard
     Same steps as #1 but you mute your camera & mic once you arrive in the meeting.

  3. Watch later on Youtube

Call us at 619-303-9032 for technical assistance.

March 13, 2020

Hello Cornerstone Family,


We are praying for each of you today as we consider the challenges facing all of us especially now that the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that has become a major concern for the United States and internationally.  As you probably know, the president just declared today that this is a national emergency.


We are approaching this whole situation with GREAT LOVE, not fear.  This love has compelled us to move forward with wisdom so after much prayer, discussion among the Advisory Council and the recommendations of our denomination and state and local health departments, and out of great love and protection for you, our Cornerstone family, we will not be holding our weekly Saturday worship gatherings & other activities at least through the end of March. 


Staying in Touch

We will be implementing a plan involving the leaders at Cornerstone so that we can stay in touch with each of you. PLEASE keep in touch with each other.  Call each other, pray on the phone together, encourage one another and if you and the other party feel healthy, you might decide to visit one another in person using the recommended guidelines (hand washing & social distancing).  In addition to caring for and ministering to one another, please also feel free to call us on our cell phones if you are in need:  Mark 619-808-3032  /  Anne 619-808-3033.


Sermons/Messages Online

We will be sending out links via email that have video messages from us and we will be recommending online sermons from some of the larger churches in San Diego. Please continue to stay in the Word, stay in prayer and stay encouraged.



Even though we will not be meeting, we will still be paying rent and will have the same expenses as usual so we ask that you please continue to give as an act of worship and stewardship. 

  • You can mail your offering to the PO Box 654, Lemon Grove, CA 91946.

  • You can text to give at 619-825-2488 (requires set-up the first time)

    • Please consider setting a reminder on your phone to give each week

  • You can give via credit card online by clicking here:

    • Please consider choosing the option to make your donation recurring


See below for Q&A:


Q:  How did you come to this decision to cancel the Worship Gathering?

  • First, we want to help protect those in our midst who might be more susceptible to viruses (those over 60 and/or with preexisting conditions, i.e. heart or respiratory conditions.) Almost half of our congregation is over 60 so not meeting together is the wise and protective thing to do.

  • Secondly, state and local authorities have mandated that no gatherings occur over 250 people and smaller gatherings need to ensure 6 feet distance between people.  Even with our small group (under 30 in attendance average/week) it would be challenging to meet the 6 ft. distance guideline. 

  • We want to do our part in helping “flatten the curve” to slow the spread and lower the impact on the health care community.  The experts say that ‘social distancing’ is the only way we can slow the spread.  See this chart & article:

  • Our denomination, GCI (Grace Communion International), has written to the pastors and said, “We encourage you to carefully consider your safety and the safety of those you serve in making decisions about your local meetings and events.”  This is what we are doing by cancelling our weekly gatherings.

  • In our community of Lemon Grove and San Diego, many churches are taking precautionary steps and cancelling their church services & activities.

  • We want to follow the guidelines laid out by our government officials as well as be guided by our love for people.


Q: Will all other Cornerstone activities be cancelled as well?

  • Saturday Morning Bible Study will be cancelled until we announce that Worship Gatherings have resumed.

  • Thursday Bible Study Café which meets in a senior citizen’s resident community will be cancelled until it is deemed safe to resume.

  • Thursday Give-it-Away Project at the Farmer’s Market will take a break until further notice whether the Lemon Grove Farmer’s Market is open or not.

  • Wednesday Night Discussion Group will be on break until further notice, HOWEVER if you are feeling well and in need of some fellowship & prayer, the Stapleton’s house will be open from 6:30-9:00pm.  We will take necessary precautions of handwashing, no close contact, using gloves to prepare food, etc. 


Q: What do I do if I need something?

  • Please CALL someone if you need prayer, encouragement or some groceries from the store! 

  • We will be implementing a plan involving the leaders at Cornerstone so that we can stay in touch with each of you to see how they can pray for you and to make sure you have enough supplies while the advisory is in effect to avoid large crowds.

  • PLEASE do your part in taking it upon yourself to call/text each other and make sure that your loved ones are doing well.

  • If you would like a home visit, please let us know.

  • If you are feeling healthy and would be willing to visit members in person using the recommended guidelines – handwashing, avoiding close contact, etc.  Please let us know and we will connect you with someone who would like a home visit.

  • Please also feel free to call us on our cell phones if you are in need:  Mark 619-808-3032  /  Anne 619-808-3033.


Q: What should I do in place of the Worship Gathering?

  • We will be sending out links via email with video messages from us.  Check your email often!

  • We will also be recommending online sermons from some of the larger churches in San Diego. Check your email often!

  • Please continue to stay in the Word, stay in prayer and stay encouraged. Check your email for spiritual messages & devotionals that we may send.

  • Pray through the GCI Prayer Guide that we sent out a few days ago via email.

  • PLEASE continue your weekly giving so that Cornerstone can continue serving you and the community.  See above info for giving.


We are not pushing the panic button but rather moving forward in love.

Please remember, God’s perfect LOVE casts out fear. (1 John 4:18)

Please remember that the Bible tells us 365 times, “Do not fear.”

This is not a time to be anxious but put our FULL TRUST in our loving God.

Our national GCI President Dr. Greg Williams encouraged our leadership to read Psalm 23 and 46 and to remind ourselves that God has sovereignty over our lives.


It is so easy to be overwhelmed and fearful as the news about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) reaches us through multiple mediums. Even still, as Believers, we are to remember that our God is the Healer, the Protector, the Provider, and the Lover of our souls.


So even as we take precautionary steps and use wisdom to keep ourselves safe, we recognize that God is not surprised or caught off guard by this terrible situation and walks with us through it. Please take a moment today and pray about the state of our world, our health, and especially people dealing with anxiety right now.


With deep love & fervent prayer,

Pastor Mark & Anne



Pastor Mark & Anne Stapleton

Cornerstone Community Church

P.O. Box 654, Lemon Grove, CA 91946-0654

Meets at: 2910 Main St., Lemon Grove, CA 91945


© Copyright Cornerstone Community Church of Lemon Grove all rights preserved.

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